Audience Comments

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Comic genius Rowan Atkinson - enjoyed the Geoff Diamond show - click pic to visit.

I have been very lucky to have performed for a number of famous people - here is what some of them had to say about the show:
"Incredible - the best I've seen."
- Swedish tennis player Magnus Norman, former world number 2 singles champion.
"I was amazed - astounded in fact."
 - World famous entertainer/actor Rowan Atkinson, also known as Mr. Bean, also known as Blackadder.
"Just amazing!" -
Ulf Elfving - Sweden's most well known national radio broadcaster.
"Wicked show!"
- British singer/actress Samantha Fox.
Geoff's pleasant personality and professionalism has made him a favourite act at our club and I would highly recommend him to any organisation wanting a first class performer."
- Tony Ryan - Marketing/entertainment manager, Coffs Harbour Services Club, NSW, Australia.
"An effective and engaging performer, Geoff Diamond has appeared at our giant Wintersun festival for the last three years. I look forward to booking him again if he returns to Australia."
- Jim Dwyer - Entertainment Manager, The  New Seagulls Club, NSW, Australia.


'Geoff's show is just amazing!' Ulf Elfving - Swedish Radio Personality.

Wicked show! Samantha Fox, British singer/international model.

Swedish tennis champion Magnus Norman with Geoff.