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* Card Magic:

Some examples: Three card monte, card behind back, red hot mama, giant card production, mirror cards, twisting the aces, changing cards, signed card to wallet, thought of card turns upside down in deck, floating/spinning cards, thought of card rises. Also world class flourishes and productions.

* Watch Steals:

Master watch stealer with a reputation as one of the best in Europe.

* Coin Effects:

French drop, appearing coins, giant coin production from nowhere.

* Balloon Artistry:

Balloon types available using Qualatex Balloons:

Dog, rabbit, giraffe, koala bear on the tree, mouse, hat, sword, parrot on the swing, aeroplane, ladybug, elephant.

* DJ Service.

Specialising in 70s and 80s music.

* Professional Tarot Reader.

Get me to read your cards anytime.

* Radio Host/Compere/VoiceOver.

* Professional compere/radio host/journalist with 20 years experience.

* Media Hosting Service,  Stockholm.

I provide a guide service for visiting media journalist's/camera crews in Stockholm or anywhere in Sweden or Scandanvia.  My services are used by International media organisations with assignments in Sweden. I provide:

* Host driving/hire car/accomodation organisation.

* Swedish translation and story ideas/creation.

* Access to the Foreign Ministry Press Office in Stockholm with fax, Internet, ISDN lines, local telephones, media working area.

* Professional camera (Beta SP) service and world class editing facilities in Stockholm.