Appearances 2005 Summary.

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Appearances 2005 Summary.
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What an amazing year 2005 turned out to be!

I was lucky to be able to travel to and perform in many different countries in Europe including Hungary, Slovakia, England, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bratislavia, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland.

Stay tuned for appearance schedule for 2006, which will include a major stage show, Diamond Illusions in Sweden.



Click the map to visit exclusive Mayfair in London.

Tuesday, 13th of December, 2005. Appeared at Bubbles Nightclub, 41 North Audley Street, Mayfair, London.
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Sunday, 11th December, 2005. Appeared  at Jantjesverjaardag Dance club, Amsterdam, Holland.
For pictures/Info, follow this link.

Friday 9th, Saturday 10th of December, 2005. Appeared at Pasta E Basta Restaurant, Amsterdam, Holland.

Click signing star Assinto´s picture to visit Pasta E Basta Amsterdam

Thursday, 8th December, 2005. Appeared at Holland Government corporate function organised by Tinker Imagineers, Amsterdam, Holland.

Click this link to visit Tinker.NL.

Saturday, 3rd of December, 2005. Performed stage magic in front of 300 guests at La Isla Latin Dance Club, Stockholm, Sweden.
Saturday, 5th of November, 2005. Appeared as magician during Halloween Party at La Cucuracha Spanish restaurant, Stockholm, Sweden.


Saturday 29th of October, 2005. Appeared at Morten´s Krog and Entertainment, Uddevella, Western Sweden.

Click here to visit Mortens Uddevella, Sweden.

Thursday 27th, Friday 28th October, 2005. Appeared at Carlia Hotel, Uddevella, Western Sweden for ICA (Grocery Chain) Sweden.

Click here to visit Carlia Hotel, Uddevella, Sweden.

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Saturday 21st of October. Appeared as Magician at Las Vegas night, Jantjesverjaardag
Dance club, Amsterdam, Holland.
For pictures/Info, follow this link.

Thursday 19th/Friday 20th October, appeared as magician at Pasta E Basta Restaurant, Amsterdam, Holland.
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Saturday, 3rd September, 2005. Appeared as magician at 40th birthday party for Mats, owner of Alviks Matbod Catering, Stockholm.

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Recently I appeared at various official Americas Cup parties, in Malmo and reported the Cup for BBC News and Sirius Satellite Radio, USA. Click on the yachts to visit the Americas Cup.

Onboard the America's Cup Official Media Boat, Kungsholm, Malmö/Skåne.

Geoff at the press center, Americas Cup, Malmö/Skåné.


Click here to visit Bliss Resto, Gothenberg. Picture by James Holm, Sweden.

Sunday 21st of August, 2005. Appeared at 5th birthday party at Bliss Resto, Gothenbuerg. Thanks to Jens, owner. Click above to visit Bliss Resto. This club features some of the hottest club DJ sets in Sweden.


Saturday, 20th August, 2005. Appeared at famous Swedish restaurant, Magnus and Magnus, Gothenberg. Click M2 to visit. Owner Magnus has won numerous awards as the best chef in both Sweden and the world.

Geoff with famous Norwegian singer Morten Abel backstage at the Cod Restaurant, Strömstad.

Geoff with Helen, one of Morten Abel's Swedish fans at the Cod Restaurant, Strömstad, West Sweden.

19th of July to 24th of July, 2005. Appeared at the Scandanavian Boat Meet at Västervik, Eastern Sweden.

Click here to visit Scandanavian Boat Meet (In Swedish only)

15th of July, 2005. Appeared at the Cod Restaurant and Bar, Strömstad, Sweden, during appearance of famous Swedish singer, Christian Waltz.

With some friends from Norway at the Cod Restaurant and Bar, Strömstad, Western Sweden.

Wed 13th July, 2005.
Appeared Lübech, Northern Germany

On the bridge in Lubeck, Northern Germany.

Thursday 12th of July, 2005.
Appeared Resenburg, Nothern Germany.

With staff in the picturesque town of Resenburg, Northern Germany.

Tuesday, 12th of July, 2005.
Appeared Vienna, Austria.

With the head barman at the Sky Bar, Vienna, Austria.

Tuesday, 7th of July to Monday, 11th July, 2005.
Appeared Budapest, Hungary.

Geoff performing for bar staff at Budapest´s Thank God Its Friday.

Tuesday, 5th of July, 2005.
Appeared Bratislava, Slovakia.

This is the town center of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Monday 4th July, 2005. Appeared Prague, Czech Republic. The Charles Bridge below was featured in the movie Bad Company, starring Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins.

Connecting Old town to Lesser Town, Prague's Charles pedestrian bridge is very nice.

Click here to visit one of my favourite cities in Europe - Prague, Czech Republic.

Sunday evening, 3rd July, 2005.
Appeared Novotel Hotel, Dresden, Germany.

Click here to visit Dresden, Germany.

Sunday, 3rd of July, 2005. Appeared in Berlin, Germany.

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Wed 22nd June, 2005. Appeared for If Insurance, Stockholm, Sweden. Approximatly 60 guests.


Sunday, June 19th, 2005. Appeared as guest magician at Supperclub, Amsterdam.

Click here to visit Supperclub Amsterdam.

Friday, June 17th, 2005. Appeared at Pasta E Basta, Amsterdam. Entertained group from New Mexico State Senate, stole one of the Senators watches. Gave it back of course (not a Rolex).

Stole watch from US Senator Vernon D. Asbill at Pasta E Basta restaurant, Amsterdam,

Click here to visit New Mexico State Senate.

June 7th, 2005. Performed magic on A/S Fritihof cruise boat, Stockholm for 22 guests. Engaged by North Star Consulting, Sweden.

Casa Batllo - Click picture to find out about master architect Antonio Gaudi.

May 9th, 2005. Corporate party for Timit Consulting on Stockholm Harbour cruise. Approx 200 guests.

Click here to visit Timit Consulting, Sweden.

May 25th, 2005. Corporate dinner at the Vasa Museum, Stockholm for Event and Konference AB. Dressed as 17th century sea captain for event and performed table magic, balloon sculptures.